Figure1: Progress of antibody internalization

Key Service Features

  • Produce a high signal-to-background ratio suitable for flow cytometry analysis;
  • Stable dose-response curves, validated for targets such as CD20, Her2, EGFR, Claudin 18.2, etc.;
  • Choose target cell line from more than 200 types of tumor cell lines and more than 100 different target expression engineered cell lines.

Case Study

Antibodies coupled with pH-sensitive dye only show fluorescence when being internalized by the target cell in its endosome. Such a fluorescence signal can be quantitated using a flow cytometer.

  • Case 1: Comparison of the dose-response relationship between fluorescence signal and antibody concentration can reflect the antibody internalization effect curve. After optimization, GenScript ProBio can effectively expand the detection window and provide a stable dose-response curve with high signal-to-noise ratio. As the figure shows, the labeled Herceptin is internalized by SK-RB-3 cells, emitting bright fluorescence and clearly showing specific antibody internalization signals.

  • Case 2: S/N ≥10, it is easy to distinguish the candidate antibody molecules with different internalization ability of the same target. As the figure shows, comparison of internalization effect of different anti-Claudin 18.2 monoclonal antibody samples (A-D).