GMPro™ Cell Banking Service

GMPro™ Cell Banking Service

Preserve your cell safely

The generation of a regulatory-compliant cell bank is an essential element in the production of biologics.

GenScript ProBio's GMPro™ Cell Banking Service assures a uniform and sufficient population of cells are generated and preserved in a secure, controlled and monitored storage environment.



Service Highlights

  • cGMP-compliant service
  • 2 independent liquid nitrogen tanks
  • Well established security system
    • 24h CCTV
    • Sound-light alarm & remote alarm function for liquid nitrogen tank
    • Strict authority system
  • Excellent documentation system: every "in" and "out" is recorded

Service Package

GMPro™ Cell Banking Package

Service  Service Detail  Deliverables Timeline (week)
GMPro™ Cell Bank Generation NMPA MCB generation
  • GMP batch record prep
  • MCB generation
200 vials, cell bank records 6
 NMPA MCB testing
  • MCB cell revival
  • Mycroplasma testing
 report   3
 NMPA WCB generation
  • GMP batch record prep
  • WCB generation
200 vials, cell bank records 3
 NMPA WCB testing
  • WCB cell revival
  • Mycoplasma testing
report  3
GMPro™ Cell Bank Storage MCB and WCB Storage  Cold chain record NA

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