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Cell Line Development System Commercial License

Besides the cell line development services, GenScript ProBio also licenses the CHOK1-GenS cell line development system to biopharma companies for commercial use.

GenScript ProBio has 12 years of experience in mammalian cell line development.

GenScript ProBio is one of the earliest companies getting the CHO-K1 commercial use license and sublicense agreement from ECACC. After serum-free suspension adaption and characterization, GenScript ProBio acquires the host cell for CHOK1-GenS cell line development system.

The proprietary pGenHT 1.0-DGV vector has been used in ~30 CMC projects and got 3 IND approvals.

CHOK1-GenS Highlights

  • High productivity (>4g/L, up to 8g/L) and excellent stability (60-90 generation)
  • Suitable for different type of proteins (mAb, factor, BsAb, etc.)
  • Full history and traceability of host cell and vector, fulfill the regulatory requirements of FDA,EMA and NMPA
  • IP clear (ECACC license agreement, Proprietary pGenHT 1.0-DGV vector)
  • Comprehensive technical support and detailed protocols
  • One-time payment. No royalty fee

High Productivity with CHOK1-GenS

  • High antibody titer
    Average titer: 4.35g/L, up to 8.72g/L

  • Suitable for different type of molecules

Excellent Stability with CHOK1-GenS

  • No. Type Study period T1(g/L) Titer variation
    1 IgG 1 PCB-60days 3.43 -9.90%
    2 IgG 1 PCB-60days 3.54 -7.00%
    3 IgG 4 PCB-50days 3.15 -9.00%
    4 IgG 4 PCB-60days 3.63 -8.20%
    5 IgG 4 PCB-60days 4.23 -10.40%
    6 Bispecific mab PCB-60days 2.72 -3.40%
    7 IgG 1 PCB-60days 4.68 -22.22%
    8 IgG 1 PCB-96days 4.76 -23.39%
    9 Protein PCB-50days 1.91 -11.52%
    10 IgG 1 PCB-60days 6.37 -4.55%
    11 tri-specific ab PCB-50days 0.34 -17.60%
    12 IgG 1 WCB-50days 3.78 -24.60%
    13 IgG 1 WCB-50days 5.74 -20.55%
    • The titer at the end of stability study during fed-batch is recorded as T2.
    • The titer at the beginning of stability study during fed-batch is recorded as T1.
    • Titer variation=(T2-T1)/T1*100%
    • Titer variation should be within 30%.

CHOK1-GenS Case Study-mAb

  • Titer prior to cell culture up to 8 g/L

  • Excellent stability in scale-up from 3L to 200L

CHOK1-GenS Delivery Package

Delivery Package Delivery items
Host system CHOK1-GenS cell line
Proprietary pGenHT 1.0-DGV vector
Full Traceability Documentation ECACC license agreement and original invoice
Adaptation report
cGMP cell banking report
cGMP cell bank testing report
Vector synthesis report
Vector map and key elements description
Protocols and guidance Cell culture protocol
Clone strategy to help construct plasmid correctly
(enzyme cleavage used for gene of interest clone and plasmid linearization)
Cell line development protocol to screen cell clone with the host cell and vector
(including transfection, cell pool screening and cell clone screening)
Technical Support 5h free technical support to ensure your success