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High-throughput Antibody Sequencing Services

As fast as 1 week to get antibody sequences

Starting from $53/clone for bulk order

Next generation sequencing (NGS) method gets its reputation for sequencing bulk samples at low price. Now GenScript ProBio provides antibody variable domain NGS sequencing services using MiseqTM platform to help you save cost on antibody discovery projects.

Our services are applicable to hybridoma and single B-cell sequencing and we distinguish ourselves in the following areas:

  • Guaranteed 100% hybridoma sequencing accuracy
  • Suitable for single B cell sequencing
  • Validated by multiple species: human, mouse, rat, hamster, rabbit, goat, llama, and alpaca
  • As fast as 1 week to get antibody sequences
  • Starting from $53/clone for bulk samples

Especially when combined with our single B cells antibody discovery service, NGS can bring the best of B cells screened by BeaconTM and reduce your cost on bulk single B cells sequencing.

General Workflow

Big Pharma Workflow

  • ✔ Avoid duplicate or similar sequences in advance.
  • ✔ Maximize the diversity of antibodies while improving time and labor efficiency.
  • ✔ No need to reserve hybridoma cells or worry about sequence loss.

Traditional Workflow

  • × Top clones directly selected by functional assay may be duplicate or similar sequences.
  • × If unique clones are not enough clients will have to reselect clones and repeat sequencing process, which is time and labor consuming.

Service Detail

Clone number Platform Starting material Price Deliverable Turnaround time
Variable domain 21-50 NGS (Miseq)
  • Hybirdoma: cell suspension/cell pellet/RNA/cDNA
  • Single B cell
  • Final report with CDR annotation
  • Expression construct containing antibody coding sequence of light/heavy chain# (need extra fee and 1 week for preparation)
10 business days

# Marked deliverables could be provided upon your request.

  • Hybridoma
    • Sample Type: Cell suspension/cell pellet/RNA/cDNA
    • Recommended Quantity: 1×104 cells
    • Minimum Amount: 1×103 cells
    • Buffer: RNALater, or appropriate cryopreservation solution (e.g., cell culture media supplemented with 20% FBS and 10% DMSO)
    • Shipment Method: Dry Ice or Dry Shipper
  • Single B cell
    • Sample Type: Frozen cell lysate according to GenScript-supplied protocol
    • Recommended Volume: Lower than 50μl/sample
    • Buffer: 2xTCL buffer
    • Shipment Method: Dry Ice or Dry Shipper