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In vitro Bioassay Services for Antibody Drug Discovery

Facilitate your lead selection and functional characterization

Screening and functional validation of antibody drugs in vitro is a critical step during early antibody drug discovery, which determines the fate of the antibody drug candidates. GenScript ProBio has developed a series of cell-based in vitro bioassay to accommodate this particular need, ensuring smooth workflow and acquisition of the best lead. Cell lines can be custom-made for the purpose of immunization or serving as a binding and functional screening model for antibody drugs. IND-filing standard can be fulfilled upon request.

  • 1   Growth inhibition assay;
  • 2   GPCR-targeted agonist/antagonist assay;
  • 3   Neutralization assay;
  • 4   Immune checkpoint-targeted reporter gene assay;
  • 5   Customized functional assay cell line construction;
  • 6   Immune cell stimulation and multiplex cytokine release assay;
  • 7   Mixed lymphocyte reaction;
  • 8   Complement-dependent cytotoxicity assay;
  • 9   Antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity assay;
  • 10   Antibody-dependent cellular phagocytosis assay;
  • 11   Cellular characterization assay by flow cytometry;
  • 12   Pseudovirus neutralization assay;