Cell and Virus Banking Services

Fully characterized and fully compliant to GMP

Broad experience with different cell and virus types

Being regarded as a starting point in production, banking system improves control and consistency in the manufacturing of the products. Its importance is well recognized for better quality assurance and the uniform supply from clinical trials to commercial use.

Working within GMP regulations, GenScript ProBio offers cell and virus banking manufacturing services to customers. The banks are fully characterized to ensure the identity, purity and stability.

Our CELL BANKING SERVICES are featured with:

  • Primary Cell Bank (PCB)
  • Master Cell Bank (MCB)
  • Working Cell Bank (WCB)
  • Full GMP facility ready for banking system manufacturing
  • Various mammalian cells, including 293, 293T, K562, A549, etc.
  • Comprehensive quality assurance process
  • Fully characterized to meet regulatory requirements

Our VIRUS BANKING SERVICES are featured with:

  • Primary Virus Bank (PVB)
  • Master Virus Bank (MVB)
  • Working Virus Bank (WVB)
  • Manufacturing in GMP facility fully compliant with regulatory guidelines
  • Comprehensive quality assurance process
  • Fully characterized regarding identity, purity, stability, etc.

GenScript ProBio has supported customers around the world in manufacturing compliant banking systems to support their projects. Rapid delivery and guaranteed quality enable us for worldwide partnerships to accelerate innovation.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday, to assist you.

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