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Management Team

Brian Hosung Min


  • B.A. from University of California, Berkeley
  • Ph.D. from University of California, Los Angeles
  • 30+ years of experience on biologics development and manufacturing
  • 10+ years’ experience of antibody discovery in Amgen
  • Rich experience and deep understanding in the fields of biopharmaceutical discovery, manufacturing, strategic planning and business development
  • Played a key role in development of 2 marketed novel biologics
  • Financial impact analysis of drug development and commercialization
  • Experience in IMPD and CTD preparation as well as interaction with regulatory agencies (EMA, FDA, etc.).
  • Led development and manufacturing of all biosimilars in Samsung Bioepis; Scale-up experience to 15,000L bioreactor
  • 6 marketed commercial products in US, EU and South Korea.
  • Core team member that led formation for Samsung Bio companies through joint venture formations
  • Appointed as the CEO of GenScript ProBio since 2019, with overall responsibility for GenScript ProBio's business
  • Daniel Wang

    Senior VP of Probio

    • Rich experience in CRO and CDMO business operations, leading a team of more than 1,000 people
    • 10+ years' experience in team management, rich experience in multi-functional management such as production, R&D, business development and integrated operations
    • 14+ years' experience in protein expression and biologics development
    • Led the establishment of GenScript biologics CDMO platform and team; Led the establishment of GenScript biologics CDMO business unit.
  • Weifeng “Frank” Zhang

    Vice President, US GMP Site Head

    • Master of Engineering from McMaster University
    • 20+ years’ in pharma and biotech industries
    • Professional skills in clinical and commercial GMP production, SME in process development, process validation, MSAT and quality engineering areas
    • Multiple successful BLA filings, FDA, EMA and other regulatory audit experiences.
    • Bristol Myers Squibb, Shire
  • Fredy Chu

    VP of QA Dept.

    • M.S., Analytical Chemistry, Iowa State University
    • 30+ years in pharma/biologics quality management
    • Baxter, Collagen, ChemPartner, PharmaEssentia, Kanghong, Xoma, Fibrogen
    • Responsible for FDA, EMA PAI approvals in US and Asia
    • Multiple successful GMP facility validation in US and Asia
    • Experienced in QA/QC management of multi-site global pharma/biotech
    • Seasoned quality practitioner in drug development, clinical and commercial operations in US, Asia, and EU
  • Sean Liour

    VP of PM & RA Dept.

    • Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University
    • 10+ years' experience in biologics project management
    • Fountain Biopharma, development of a novel therapeutic antibody project, IND filing and phase I study
    • 2016 joined Shanghai Henlius Biotech, participated in the development and IND/NDA filing of novel antibody drug-conjugate (ADC), novel antibodies and biosimilars.
  • Dr. Yu Liang

    VP of R&D

    • Ph.D. in Virology/Microbiology from the University of Chicago
    • Research Fellow, NIAID, NIH
    • PI/lab head, Novartis Inst. for Biomedical Research (Shanghai)
    • WuXi Biologics Discovery, Senior Project Leader and Portfolio Director
    • Over 20 years of research experience in biomedical science in academia and industry, with 10+ years of managerial experience in leading a global & multi-disciplinary project team in leading multinational pharmaceutical companies
    • Broad and in-depth knowledge & experience in early phase drug discovery of bio-therapeutics, with special expertise in the discovery of therapeutic modalities based on therapeutic Abs
  • Leo Wang

    Assistant Vice President.GCT MSAT& MFG

    • M.S., from Sichuan University, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology.
    • More than 15 years` experience on biologics development and manufacturing from preclinical to commercialization.
    • Rich experience and deep understanding in the fields of Bioprocess development, MSAT, Process validation and GMP Manufacturing.
    • Multiple successful IND/CTA filings, experience in CTD preparation, responsible for PD-1 commercial GMP production.
    • Multiple facility design, construction and validation experience, including SU(8X2000L) and SS(6X5000L) production suite.
  • Li Chen

    Director of Biologics Discovery Dept.

    • Dr. Chen Li is the Director of Biologics Discovery Department of GenScript ProBio. After obtaining his doctorate in immunology from the University of Massachusetts School of medicine, he joined GenScript in 2015 and has been responsible for antibody drug discovery platform for the past seven years. He has more than 200 project experiences in antibody drug discovery and Engineering innovation optimization, as well as three patents related to biopharmaceutical discovery.
  • Felix Zhu

    Associate Vice President of Antibody Process Development & Manufacturing Dept.

    • Felix Zhu, Associate Vice President of PAD, has 18 years of experience in biologics CMC. Felix Zhu received master degree of Biotechnology from Wuhan University in 2003. From 2004 to 2013, Felix worked for Hengrui as scientist and Associate Director of Biologics Development Dept. From 2013-2015, Felix worked for Furen as Head of Development Center. In 2015, Felix joined GenScript as Director of Antibody Process Development Department. As project leader and core member, Felix has led more than 20 biologics projects including 2 BLA, 1 Phase III, 1 Phase II and another 6 IND.
  • Samuel Wang

    Assistant Vice President.of Operation Excellence

    • Master of Engineering from Tianjin University
    • 20+ years’ in pharma and biotech industries
    • Professional skills in commercial API manufacturing, quality engineering, Capex management and operation excellence
    • Successful experiences in international customer and regulatory audits, ERP implementation, capacity expansion and profitability enhancement.
    • Abcam, Seqens, Boehringer-Ingelheim
  • Kun Yin

    Senior Director of AP& EU BD

    • B.S. from Nanjing University, in Biology Science
    • MBA from Nanjing University, Business School
    • 14 years’ experience in marketing management
    • 6+ years’ experience in sales management and business development
    • Led multiple out-licensing and co-development projects
  • Allen Guo

    Senior Director of CN BD Dept.

    • M.S. in Macromolecular Chemistry and Physics from Fudan University
    • 13+ Years commercial experience in Pharma/Biopharma industry in China and APAC region
    • 10 years commercial experience in global leading CDMOs, led BD activities for multiple late stage to NDA projects
    • Thermo Fisher, Becton Dickinson, Lonza, Janssen