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Phage Display and Antibody Library

Library size 1.04×1011 , 2 Months for Fully Human Antibody

Fully human antibodies are the mainstream of therapeutic antibody development because of the increasing concern on immunogenicity and safety issues. Among the techniques that develop fully human antibodies, Human Naïve library and Phage Display have been proved* to be an effective platform to pave the way to the fully human candidates.

*Adalimumab, Belimumab, Raxibacumab, Ramucirumab, Necitumumab, Avelumab, Ranibizumab and Durvalumab are known to be developed by phage display and antibody library technology.

GenScript ProBio has successfully developed in-house Human Naïve library, which has been internally validated for multiple targets. Besides, our experienced scientists will develop multiple panning strategies, which is just right for you to get the best antibody candidate.

GenScript ProBio’s Human Naïve library

GenScript ProBio has build human naïve library in format of Fab, with library size of 1.04x1011, and it is still under expanding at present. Having delivered rich experience in dozens of internal case studies and clients projects, we’ve proved that GenScript ProBio’s library is qualified to for most targets, with average affinity reaching from 10-8 to 10-11mol/L and average binder No. ranging from 20-30.

Technical Indicator GenScript ProBio Library Indicator
Source 2400 healthy donors
Library format Fab-HK
Library size 1.04x1011
(In Expanding)
Insert rate >90%
In frame rate/ORF rate >85%
CDR3 diversity Normal distribution
Germline analysis Nature frequency

Key Features of Premium Library Service in GenScript ProBio

Provide diversified panning & screening strategies to ensure diversity & affinity

  • Panning:

    Solid panning, liquid panning, cell panning, combination panning, competitive panning tailored to different type of targets

    Up to 2 panning strategies are used to maximize the success rate

    No more than 3-round panning to retain the sequence diversity

  • Screening:

    Further binding confirmation for the unique leads are performed by soluble format

    FASEBA HTP screening combined with ELISA/FACS binding and SPR affinity ranking

High quality delivery: Human antibody leads with high affinity(10-8~10-11 mol/L) generated in case studies

Fast development timeline: Starting from 2 months for fully human lead generation

Readily integrated downstream services: Affinity Maturation, Developability

Tips: Why panning strategy is so important?

Generally, the protein structure of drug target is varied in different conditions: some maintain its nature structure, but some changed during purification and expression. Taking this into consideration, the multiple panning strategies could help on getting the binder that exactly meet the requirement.

Besides, there are also differences in the efficiency and results of different panning strategies.

At GenScript ProBio, we will evaluate the properties of targets, and choose the best panning strategy accordingly, all for the best antibody candidates for our clients.

Liquid panning Better at presenting all possible epitope, high diversity
Solid panning Simple format, suitable for most target
Cell panning Generating antibodies able to recognize natural epitope presented by cells
Ag.biotin-cell panning Generating antibodies able to recognize more diversified epitope and natural epitope presented by cells
Ag-cell panning Generating antibodies able to recognize natural epitope presented by cells
Competitive panning Eliminate antibodies targeting irrelevant epitope, acquiring antibodies specific to desired epitope

Track Records

Till Dec. 2019, GenScript ProBio has successfully delivered dozens of clients’ projects. Below are results of part of our delivery. The average level of unique clones is around 20, with highest records reaching 50 plus. The affinities of the clones are also noticeable, ranging from 10-8 ~ 10-10 mol/L, even reaching 10-11 mol/L in some cases.

No. of Unique Clones

Packages of Human Naïve Library Service

Milestone Service Spec Delivery Time (week)
1 Phage display panning Conduct up to 2 different panning in parallel(2-3 subsequent round/panning)
ELISA/FACS on all phage clones
Sequence random 100 phage monoclones to evaluate sequence diversity
Monoclonal ELISA/FACS positive>50%
Sequence diversity>50%
2 FASEBA high throughput screening
(ELISA/FACS+SPR ranking)
Construct FASEBA library by using the output phage;
ELISA/FACS test &SPR affinity ranking;
Sequence clones selected;
ELISA/FACS report;
Affinity ranking report of affinity ranking;
3 Full length Ab expression, purification & QC Select top 10 unique clones to full length antibody production
1mg purified Ab/ Sequence

Service Flowchart

Service Flowchart

*The positive rate in evaluation of Phage ELISA will be varied based on different targets, 50% shown in the flowchart is the average value and used as reference.

Our customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day, Monday through Friday to assist you.