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Antibody Engineering and Developablity Service

The functionality and developability properties of therapeutic antibodies are two major concerns in preclinical development. Addressing the optimization strategy in the discovery stage enables acquiring better antibody candidates before entering CMC.

Empowered by a well-established bioinformatics platform, GenScript ProBio offers comprehensive antibody engineering services, including humanization, affinity maturation, Fc engineering, and developability optimization, to obtain "me-better" antibody leads.

In addtion, GenScript ProBio offers 3 developability assessment packages for antibody drug candidates at different discovery stages to identify the potential risks of manufacture and clinical failure. The webinar will cover integrated antibody engineering and developability assessment platforms by GenScript Probio to expedite the drug discovery process.

    Alex Chen
  • Speaker: Alex Chen, Head of ADD PM Dept., GenScript ProBio
  • Date: Jun.4th, 2024
  • Time: 19:00-20:00 (UTC+8:00)

Speaker Biography

MS degree of biotechnology from Northeastern University Previous working experiments at GSK and Biogen. After joining GenScript, Alex is in charge of project evaluation and management of Antibody Drug Discovery and engineering services. He has more than 5 years’ experience in antibody discovery and successfully delivered more than hundreds of antibody related projects.

Topic Abstract

  • Antibody Humanization
  • Antibody Affinity Maturation
  • Fc Engineering
  • Developability Assessment and Optimization