News & Activities » GenScript launches CDMO segment GenScript ProBio at inaugural GenScript Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Development & Cooperation Forum

GenScript launches CDMO segment GenScript ProBio at inaugural GenScript Cell and Gene Therapy Industry Development & Cooperation Forum

The GenScript ProBio core management team lit up the logo of ProBio

At the Forum, GenScript announced the integration and upgrading of the original CDMO platform and the release of its latest brand GenScript ProBio. The new brand is dedicated to proactively providing an end-to-end discovery to commercialization service, with professional solutions backed by efficient processes, to accelerate drug development for customers. GenScript ProBio is not only China’s leading CDMO organization, but also an independent brand operating under GenScript’s CDMO umbrella, further creating a foundation on which GenScript plans to build on its strengths in the CDMO sector.

For the past 16 years, since 2004, GenScript has gradually expanded its reach in the antibody drug discovery segment and established its capabilities in process development, helping many customers with their IND submissions during the period. In 2019, GenScript opened the Biologics Development Business Unit (BDBU), the predecessor of GenScript ProBio, and invited Dr. Brian Min, Senior Vice President at Samsung Bioepis, to join as CEO and form a management team with exceptional international perspectives. The core members of the team each have more than 15 years working experience at recognized international firms across the sector, including Roche, Pfizer, Henlius and Innovent, among others.

GenScript ProBio has established long-term partnerships with many industry leaders worldwide with the specific aim of advancing the development of the biopharmaceutical industry.

“The GenScript CDMO platform has established strong antibody capabilities within just 18 months since launch and has accumulated considerable experience in cell and gene therapy,” said Dr. Brian Min at the launch of the brand. “GenScript ProBio’s one-stop antibody drug development solutions will proactively provide clients with end to end service from target to commercial production. Looking beyond China and the Asia Pacific region, many large multinational companies in the United States and Europe have also established productive partnerships with us. Operating under the principle of ‘Innovation through Collaboration’, we fully expect to drive the development and progress of the whole industry together with our customers.”

GenScript ProBio has been committed to accelerating the development of the cell therapy sector and helping firms within the sector accelerate the commercialization of cell therapy products. With the advent of the era of cell and gene therapy, GenScript ProBio plans to continue providing process optimization and production in line with international quality standards through a sound global supply chain network, empowering more partners worldwide to benefit patients anywhere at an early date

GenScript ProBio

GenScript ProBio is the bio-pharmaceutical CDMO arm of the world’s leading biotech company GenScript, providing end-to-end services from drug discovery to commercialization with proactive strategies, professional solutions and efficient processes to accelerate drug development for customers.

In line with the mission of “Innovation through Collaboration”, GenScript ProBio is committed to helping customers shorten the time-to-market for biological drugs from discovery to commercialization, significantly lowering R&D costs and building a healthier future