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6 Weeks to Deliver Desired Humanized Antibody

300+ ab humanization projects

30+ affinity maturation projects delivered

“We are pleased with the antibody humanization service and the purification service of GenScript ProBio. It is very impressive and professional. we validated the humanization service by testing the antibody against anti-human IgG as the secondary antibody. The humanized antibody purification met our expectations and need. The characterization of the antibody that was highlighted by the COA is excellent. We would continue to avail your service and will also recommend it to anyone who needs such service. Thanks.” – Govind Panchamoorthy, Director, Genus Oncology

Antibody Humanization & Affinity Maturation Service

Immunogenicity can potentially lead to reduced efficacy through rapid clearance or neutralization of the drug, or toxicity due to cross-reaction with proteins in the body, which can have catastrophic consequences for the patient. Antibody humanization can reduce the immunogenicity of monoclonal antibodies derived from xenogeneic sources and to improve their activation of the human immune system by replacing non-human antibody frameworks with human ones. It is a very important step in therapeutic antibody discovery process.

In some cases that the obtained leads have relative low affinity (such as phage library campaign), or the final application needs extremely high affinity, affinity maturation is required to preserve the epitope specificity and functional activity of the antibody and boost potency to the desired level. In addition, it can be useful to remove potential modification sites for improved developability.

As a one-stop supplier for therapeutic antibody discovery and development, GenScript ProBio is proud to offer integrated antibody humanization and affinity maturation service. Combining in silico CDR-grafting, structure-based back mutation, and, supported by our patented FASEBA(Fast Screening for Expression, Biophysical-properties and Affinity) screening, Biacore Surface Plasmon Resonance platform and functional assay platform, the antibody humanization service is offered at GenScript ProBio to generate humanized antibody maintaining the affinity and specificity of parental antibody and optimized activity, productivity and thermostability. Seamlessly integrated with humanization, the affinity maturation service will continuously improve the affinity by 10 to 50 folds.

  • Antibody Humanization

    • 300+ ab humanization projects delivered
    • All abs showed at least comparable affinity with parental ab
    • >1/3 of humanized ab showed higher affinity than parental ab
  • Affinity Maturation

    • 30+ affinity maturation projects delivered
    • All Abs showed at least 10-fold affinity improvement
    • Most Abs showed 20-50 fold affinity improvement

Service features

  • Extensive experience: GenScript ProBio has 10-year experience in antibody engineering for therapeutic and diagnostic development. We have successfully performed 300+ antibody humanization projects and 30+ affinity maturation projects during the past decade. 
  • Multiple strategies to meet the needs: CDR(Complementarity-determining regions) grafting, CDR grafting with back mutation by modeling and FASEBA library screening, etc..
  • Guaranteed Affinity: The humanized antibody is guaranteed to have comparable binding affinity with parental antibody. The affinity maturation can be integrated to continuously improve the affinity by 10 to 50 folds.
  • Optimized Physiochemical Properties: FASEBA (FAst Screening for Expression level, Biophysical properties, and Affinity technology) is used to optimize properties of the humanized antibody, such as expression level and thermo-stability, which are important for optimal manufacturing and the in vivo behavior.
  • Test in bioassays: binding assays such as using ELISA , Biacore Surface Plasmon Resonance and a suite of biological assays available to support the characterization and selection.
  • 6 weeks to deliver desired humanized antibody

Service specifications

Deluxe Humanization --- Back mutaiton library screening with FASEBA

  Milestone Deliverables Turnaround
1 Chimeric antibody production and Binding confirmation
  • Sequence, DNA and chimeric ab & top 3 humanized abs (0.5 mg)
  • Guarantee no affinity loss
11 weeks
2 Sequence PTM analysis, Back mutation library design and library construction
3 Humanized antibody selection
4 Humanized antibody production and characterization
5 Affinity maturation(Optional)
  • Guaranteed 5-10 fold affinity higher than parental ab
8-9 weeks

Patented FASEBA screening platform

  • scFv, Fab and various formats humanized
  • 3-D structural modeling
  • Patented screening platform to screen affinity, thermostability, expression level & epitope, no royalty burden
  • Guaranteed delivery of best humanized abs with comparable affinity and good expression level & thermostability
  • Possible to combine with affinity maturation to further improve the affinity by 5-10 fold in <6 months

Express plus humanization --- CDR grafting with back mutation

  Milestone Deliverables Turnaround
1 Chimeric antibody production and binding confirmation
  • Sequence, DNA and chimeric ab & top 3 humanized abs (0.5 mg)
  • Guarantee at least 1 ab with affinity comparable with parental ab
6 weeks
2 PTM analysis(optional)
3 Express humanization by rational design and sequence synthesis
4 Humanized antibody production and affinity ranking
5 Humanized antibody production and affinity determination
  • Human framework diversity
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Guaranteed delivery of humanized abs with comparable affinity with parental abs

When using fluorophores, individually or in a multiplex format, it is important to pay attention to a few technical features including:

antibody humanization