News & Activities » GenScript ProBio Signs MOU to Form Strategic Partnership with GeneCraft To Development and Production of New AAV gene therapies

GenScript ProBio Signs MOU to Form Strategic Partnership with GeneCraft To Development and Production of New AAV gene therapies

On the Oct 17, 2022, GenScript ProBio (Brian Ho-sung Min, CEO), a global CDMO, and GeneCraft (Suk Chul Bae, CEO), a global research team led by Professor Suk Chul Bae of lung cancer mechanism research, announced that they had entered into a strategic partnership MOU concerning the development and production of a new drugs needed for RX001. GenScript ProBio and GeneCraft have agreed to strengthen their cooperation in the AAV gene therapy field through this MOU.

Left – Prof. Suk Chul Bae, CEO of GeneCraft / Right – Dr. Brian H. Min CEO of GenScript ProBio

GenScript ProBio and GeneCraft are in the process of signing a contract for plasmid and AAV development and production for the GeneCraft's own new drug candidate Pan-KRAS non-small cell lung cancer anti-cancer gene therapy (RX001) developed as a new drug.

With this agreement, GenScript ProBio has become a global partner that can support GeneCraft’s various gene therapy pipelines.

Brian H. Min, CEO of GenScript ProBio said, "We are very happy to cooperate with GeneCraft in strategic partnership, and we are looking forward to accelerating the development of GeneCraft’s gene therapy pipelines as a global partner through our accumulated technology.”

Suk Chul Bae, CEO of GeneCraft Inc. said, “Through this strategic partnership with GeneScript ProBio, we look forward to successfully conducting the upcoming clinical trials of RX001, a first-in-class anticancer gene therapy. By establishing a long-term partnership we hope to become the global leaders in the gene therapy market.”

About GeneCraft Inc.

GeneCraft Inc. is an innovative gene therapy developer with its roots in cancer defense mechanisms researched by Professor Suk Chul Bae, a world renowned cancer research scholar. Genecraft is a global leader in developing gene therapy products with its contract development (CDO) platform specialized in improving the expression vector through viral expression recombination and capsid modification.

About GenScript ProBio

GenScript ProBio is the subsidiary of GenScript Biotech Corporation, proactively providing end-to-end CDMO service from drug discovery to commercialization with proactive strategies, professional solutions and efficient processes in cell and gene therapy (CGT), vaccine, biologics discovery and antibody protein drug to accelerate drug development for customers. GenScript ProBio has established companies in the United States, the Netherlands, South Korea, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Nanjing and other places to serve global customers, and supported customers in the United States, Europe, Asia Pacific and other regions to obtain more than 30 IND approvals. Toward the mission of “Innovation through Collaboration”, GenScript ProBio is committed to helping customers shorten the timeline for the development of biological drugs from discovery to commercialization, significantly lowering R&D costs and building a healthier future.