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Integrated Discovery Services

GenScript ProBio provides integrated biologics discovery services based on target, MOA and indications.

Integrated discovery services
From target to preclinical candidates
Target discovery
Target validation
Project planning and development
To generate leads using approaches including hybridoma, phage display, single B cell screening
In Vitro
To ensure antibody activity of the best lead through a series of cell-based in vitro bioassay
To improve the developability through humanization and/or other engineering approach
In Vivo
To evaluate the antibody candidates efficacy/safety in animals model

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  • Integrated Discovery Service From GenScript ProBio

    • Multiple Lead Generation Campaign in Parallel to Increase PCC Success Rate
    • Well-established pharmacology platform
    • Excellent project management team
    • Saving 7 months for in vitro and in vivo assay development
    • Flexible business model
  • Target Based Bioassay Summary List from GenScript ProBio

    • 14+ years of experience in in vitro bioassay
    • 14 categories of assay platforms
    • 40+ ready-to-use assays for different targets
    • Accelerate integrated biologics discovery process

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