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Therapeutic Antibody Discovery

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Therapeutic Antibody Discovery Services

Blockbusters (such as Humira, Enbrel and Herceptin) achieved huge success because of proven clinical efficacy, strong market demand, thourough IP protection and market penetration strategies. The strict R&D standards are the cornerstones of blockbuster.

In the past 10 years, GenScript ProBio has been sticking to the "blockbuster" standards to manage, research and deliver every therapeutic programs. GenScript ProBio delivers humanized, human and bispecific antibody leads with good biological efficacy, safety & manufacturability in 12-15 months, as your one-stop solution from Targets to Therapeutic Antibody Candidates.

Target Antigen Prep
    4 Immunogens Choices
  • DNA, Peptide, Protein, Cell & combination
Binder Antibody Lead Generation
Functional Ab Lead Antibody Lead Characterization
Functional Optimized Lead with good manufacturability Antibody Lead Optimization
Optimized Lead with good biological efficacy, safety & manufacturability In Vivo Efficacy, Exploratory PK & Toxicity Studies
    Deeper Insights in Animals
  • In Vivo Efficacy
  • Exploratory PK & Toxicity Studies
Discovery Services Testing Options Deliverables Timeline
M1: Antibody Lead Generation Bioassays
  • Project report
  • 10 hybridoma clones for cryopreservation
  • Antibody characterization data
  • 3-5 antibody leads (purified antibody & sequence)
6-8 months
  • Immunogen preparation (Peptide, recombinant protein, cell line, DNA or combination)
  • Animal immunization
  • Cell fusion & screening
  • Subcloning & screening
  • Hybridoma scale-up
Biochemical & Biophysical Assays
  • ELISA, FACS, & Biacore
  • Antibody sequencing, epitope binning, cross-reactivity test, etc.
Functional Assays
  • Proliferation, growth inhibition & apoptosis assay
  • MLR & cytokine release assay
  • Neutralization assay
  • Phagocytosis, internalization & endocytosis assay
  • ADCC, CDC & ADCP assay Reporter Gene assay
M2: Antibody Lead Optimization In Vivo Efficacy, Exploratory PK & Toxicity Studies
  • Project report
  • 2-3 optimized antibody leads ( purified antibody & sequence)
  • Efficacy report
  • PK & Toxicity report
6-7 months
  • Antibody Humanization
  • Developability Assessment
  • Antibody Affinity Maturation
  • Partnership with Qualified Vendors
  • Project Management by GenScript ProBio

Lead Generation

  • 12 antibody leads recognizing 2 distinct epitopes were obtained.
  • 2 antibody leads with different epitopes were moved forward to lead optimization.

Lead Optimization

  • 2 antibody leads were humanized and then tested by functional assay.
  • Their developabilities were evaluated by both experimental & predicted approaches.

Antibody Humanization

Ligand Analyte ka (1/Ms) kd (1/s) KD (M) Rmax (RU) Chi² (RU²)
Chimeric lgG Antigen/His 4.67E+05 1.00E-05 2.14E-11 38.3 3.40E-02
Humanized Ab Lead 7.05E±05 1.00E-05 1.42E-11 38.2 5.28E-02

Manufacturability Assessment

Thermostability (Tm) >60 °C (by DSC)
Extra Cys No hotspot predicted, confirmed by Mass Spec
Asn deamidation
Asp isomerization
Oxidation 2 hot spots predicted and confirmed by Mass Spec,
Not impact binding by Biacore & on stability by SEC under forced oxidation

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