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Service Introduction

Human Naïve Library

  • >250 human donors

    The selected donors are from white, black and Asian races, male and female, and 8 blood types: A±, B±, O±, and AB±, which ensures the diversity of library samples.

  • Library size:5×1010 (expanding)
  • Library quality:Insert rate: >95%, In-frame rate:>80%, Sequence diversity: >95%
Human Naïve Library Construction

Human Synthetic Library

  • CDR:The synthetic library is based on the broad spectrum protein binder with high affinity, analyzed 506 unique human antibodies sequence, over 106 antigens from open access database.
  • Framework:Marketed antibody drug, with good developability & low immunogenicity risk
  • Oligo pool & trimer technology:Cover major amino acid combination, remove unfolding amino acid combination, exclude unwanted post-translational modification , including stop codon, Cys, N glycosylation, etc.
  • Library Size: 2×1010 (expanding)
  • In-frame rate:>90%
  • Smart Oligo synthesis Library construction

    Synthetic Antibody Library Construction
  • image1

Key Features of Service

  • Screen through naïve & synthetic libraries simultaneously

    • ✔ Naïve Library: High diversity
    • ✔ Synthetic library: Superior affinity and developability

    Meet the demands of diversity ,affinity and developability of antibodies at the same time

  • Diversified panning & screening strategies to ensure diversity & affinity

    • ✔ Panning:
      • Solid panning, liquid panning, cell panning, combination panning, competitive panning tailored to different type of targets
      • Up to 2 panning strategies are used to maximize the success rate
    • ✔ Screening:
      • Two step validation: monoclonal phage ELISA and soluble ELISA, improve the screening accuracy and efficiency
  • Readily integrated downstream services:


Human Antibody Library Workflow

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