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Key Features of Premium Hybridoma Development Services

  • One stop solution: from antigen production to hybridoma development and characterization.
  • Full spectrum of immunization approaches: protein, peptide, whole cells and DNA immunization.
  • High throughput screening: Proprietary NativeSelect ELISA or HT March for high efficiency screening.
  • Comprehensive functional assay: Validated functional assay platforms provide reliable in vitro screening.
  • Readily integrated downstream services: Ab sequencing, Ab humanization, rAb production and anti-idiotype antibodies for your Ab drug PD/PK studies.

Premium Hybridoma Development Service Details (SC1693)

Custom Antibody Service

Premium hybridoma development service

Phase Description
Immunogen Preparation

Protein immunogen supplied by GenScript:(Strongly Recommended)

  • GenScript generates high quality antigen with our gene synthesis and protein expression service

Or qualified immunogen provided by customer:

  • Protein antigen must be >85% purity, 3-5 mg, GenScript ProBio will verify the antigen purity and quantity before immunization
  • Immunizations for 5 Balb/c mice ,C57/bl6 mice, C3He mice or transgenic mice.
  • Test bleed
  • Maintain the immunized animals (six-months)
Cell Fusion, Screening
  • Cell fusion, (5-10×10e4 clones)
  • Primary screen (ELISA or Mirrorball, FACS iQue,BD FACS Calibur/Canto/CantoII HTS)
  • Positive parental clones were expanded into 24-well plates
  • Re-screen the samples (ELISA or FACS)
  • Pick and freeze positive clones from initiated screening (50-100 positive clones)
Superdoma Assay and Isotyping
  • Superdoma assay to sort top affinity clones from different epitope-binding groups
  • Isotyping all the clones
  • All positive clones for functional assay ( 50-100 clones)
Small Scale Antibody Production
  • Small scale antibody production ( 50-100 clones, supernatants or 1-2 mg purified antibody for each)
First Delivery
  • Supernatants or purified mAbs for In-Vitro functional assay and affinity measurement
Functional Assay(Optional)
  • Functional assay according to customers'request
Subcloning, Expansion and Cryopreservation
  • Subclone and screen (ELISA or FACS)
  • Freeze down multiple vials for each clone
Final Delivery
  • 2 vials of cell lines for 2 subclone from each parental clone and 5 ml supernatants
  • Full report
  • Records for free
Large Scale Antibody Production and Storage Service(Optional)
  • Produce antibody with shake flask
  • Purify the antibodies by protein A/G affinity column
  • Verify the produced antibodies
  • Cell storage service
  • Antibody sequencing


1) This protocol is for you reference, and we can customize your project base on your specific requirement.

2) If customers require continued storage service after finish the project, the charges are set at $38 per cell line per year, and $350 per cell line for a working cell bank service (up to 30 vials).

Premium Hybridoma Related Services

GenScript ProBio has over 18 years of experience developing customized antibodies against difficult targets. Our ImmunoPlus technology is available through our Custom mAb and Custom pAb services. You can even utilize ImmunoPlus in our Semi-Custom mAb Production Service which simplifies custom mAb protocols to 3 easy steps. Some other related services include:

  • DNA Immunizations, our specialty. Circumvents in vitro protein antigen production and deals with difficult targets.
  • High Throughput Gene to Antibody up to 1 mg of recombinant antibodies in as little as 3 weeks.

Please download service quotation form and fill it before sending to us.