Service Properties

Universal PK Tool Antibody Panel for Antibody Drug:

Biological source Mouse/Rabbit
Modality mAb/ADC
Approach Hybridoma development/Phage display library
Antibody from Hybridoma cell supernatant/
Recombination expression
Drug isotype IgG1/IgG2/IgG4
Pairing Antibodies >10 pairs (continue to expand)
Matrix validation Mouse/rat/rabbit/canine/cyno
Sensitivity 0.1 ng/mL~10 ng/mL
Linear range 0.1 ng/mL~1000 ng/mL
  • Those universal antibodies are validated in different matrixes (mouse/rat/dog/cyno), and could be bound and paired to more than 30 antibody drugs(mAb, ADC) in IgG1, IgG2, IgG4 subtypes.

Service flowchart

  • The generation of anti-id Abs take at least 13-14 weeks , requiring animal immunization and fusion screening.
  • The universal PK tool Abs can skip the generation of anti-idiotype antibody, and obtain the paired antibody pair in 1 week.

Universal PK Tool Antibody for Antibody Drug

Anti-ID Ab

Service Features

    • Fast Turn Around Time

      Get it antibody pairs as fast as 1 week

    • Affordable

      Cost is a fraction of Anti-ID Abs

    • One-stop service

      Provide PK kit development and production services

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