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LentiHelper™ Plasmids Insert name Project code#
LentiHelper™ VSV-G VSV-G NF-01
LentiHelper™ GagPol HIV-1 GAG/POL NF-03
LentiHelper™ Rev Rev NF-04

Advantages of LentiHelper™ Plasmid

    • PreCMC Grade for pre-clinical and GMPro™ Grade for early clinical phases
    • DMF (Drug Master File) has been registered with CBER FDA for GMPro™ grade to support FDA IND application, simplifying regulatory documents
    • De novo synthesis and manufacture at GenScript ProBio’s regulatory compliance platform
    • 3 LentiHelper™ Plasmids are without IP issues
    • Royalty free
  • Master File Acknowledgement from FDA CBER

Product Purchase Information

Quantity PreCMC Grade GMPro™ grade
1 mg Quote Quote
5 mg
10 mg
Deliverables 1. Plasmid
2. CoA file
1. Plasmid
2. CoA file
3. TSE/BSE Statement

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