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GMPro™ Plasmid Manufacturing

Meet clinical trial expectations, ready for regulatory submission

Appropriate for viral vector and mRNA production

GMPro™ Plasmid Manufacturing Service

  • GMPro™ plasmid DNA is appropriate for the production of viral vectors or mRNA therapeutics. The whole process, manufacturing environment and documentation are strictly controlled under comprehensive quality assurance, guarantee the product quality and compliant for early stage clinical trials. We are also able to provide documentations for regulatory submissions.

    GenScript ProBio is dedicated to providing one-stop solution from plasmid production to viral vector production (Lentiviral vector or AAV) to clients.

Expect MORE from GMPro™ Plasmid

  • Speed to Clinic

    Speed to Clinic

    2~3 months fast delivery
    Support regulatory submissions

    Critical Quality Assurance

    Critical Quality Assurance

    Phase Appropriate Compliance (PAC)
    Customer Quality Verification (CQV)

  • Critical Quality Assurance

    Accumulated Experience

    • Over 30 manufacturing batches for clinical trials
    • Supported over 15 IND applications
    • Various downstream applications-cell therapy, gene therapy, mRNA vaccine, virus vaccine, etc.
    • Global clients from China, USA, Korea, etc.

Except for customized production services, GenScript ProBio provides ready-to-use LentiHelper Plasmids for packaging 3rd generation lentiviral vector with both Pro grade and GMPro™ grade.

To support the development of advanced therapeutics, GenScript ProBio also support with lentiviral vector production, AAV production services.

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