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Expect MORE from GMPro™ Plasmid

  • Speed to Clinic

    Speed to Clinic

    2~3 months fast delivery
    Support regulatory submissions

    Critical Quality Assurance

    Critical Quality Assurance

    Phase Appropriate Compliance (PAC)
    Customer Quality Verification (CQV)

  • Critical Quality Assurance

    Accumulated Experience

    • Over 30 manufacturing batches for clinical trials
    • Supported over 15 IND applications
    • Various downstream applications-cell therapy, gene therapy, mRNA vaccine, virus vaccine, etc.
    • Global clients from China, USA, Korea, etc.

Except for customized production services, GenScript ProBio provides ready-to-use LentiHelper Plasmids for packaging 3rd generation lentiviral vector with both Pro grade and GMPro™ grade.

To support the development of advanced therapeutics, GenScript ProBio also support with lentiviral vector production, AAV production services.

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