Webinars » IND-enabling CMC Strategies for Bispecific Antibodies

IND-enabling CMC Strategies for Bispecific Antibodies

    Rubin Jiang
  • Speaker: Rubin Jiang
  • Date: Dec.06th, 2022
    Ian Chan
  • Speaker: Ian Chan
  • Date: Dec.06th, 2022

Ian Chan is the co-founder and CEO of Abpro, a biotechnology company aimed to improve the lives of mankind facing severe and life-threatening diseases with next-generation antibody therapies. Ian has been with Abpro since its inception in 2007, when he and his brother, Eugene, founded the company. Ian received an AB from Brown University and MBA from Harvard University.

Rubin Jiang, director of antibody process development & MSAT group of ProBio. Rubin has been working in large molecule process development area for 10 years. Before joining ProBio, Rubin served in process development positions with multiple Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls (CMC) teams, including HJB, Sanofi-Genzyme and Merck.

Recently, with progress in antibody or protein engineering technology, different types of BsAbs based on novel strategies are at various stages of development and clinical stage. BsAbs come in many formats, from relatively small proteins to large immunoglobulin G (IgG)-like molecules with additional domains attached. The complexity of the novel structure also posts challenges in CMC area such as expression, purification, and product stability.

This webinar presents bi-specific antibody CMC strategies including cell line development, upstream process development, downstream process development, and analytical method development. Optimized strategies help to break bottlenecks in bi-specific antibody CMC area and provide faster and better IND-enabling services.