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Scalable AAV Manufacturing Strategies

    Dr Xiao Pan
  • Speaker: Dr. Xiao Pan, Director of GenScript ProBio, Platform R&D Department
  • Date: Jul. 14th, 2022
  • Time:15:00-16:00 KST


2019,GenScript ProBio. Director of Platform R&D Dept.

2017,FUJIFILM-Diosynth Biotechnologies (UK). Principal scientist

2014,Synthon Biopharmaceuticals (NL). Senior scientist

2010-2016,Wageningen University(NL), Biotechnology/Bioengineering, Ph.D, MSc.

Topic Background

Since the approval of the product Luxtura® using AAV as a vector in 2017, more and more clinical trials have been carried out rapidly, and various early clinical trial projects for rare diseases and a wide range of indications are under development. AAV based therapy has entered a golden age of rapid growth. There is also growing demand for commercial scalable AAV manufacturing due to its good safety, wide host range and low immunogenicity.

To meet the huge demand from the market, whether AAV vectors can be manufactured on a large scale is a key challenge.

Topic Abstract

  • Plasmid: 17 IND approvals in CN, AP, EU and US
  • Proprietary AAV packaging cell line: PowerS-293TM
  • Scalable AAV manufacturing process

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