Webinars » Unlocking Affordability: Cell Therapy Development Strategies to Expand Patient Access

Unlocking Affordability: Cell Therapy Development Strategies to Expand Patient Access

Topic 1:Utilization of VHH phage display library & integrated protein engineering platform to generate antibody leads for CAR-T therapy

    Dr. Li Chen
  • Speaker: Dr. Li Chen, Sr. Director, Biologics Discovery Dept. GenScript ProBio
  • Date: March 28th, 2024
  • Time:15:00-15:45 (GMT+8)

Speaker 1 Biography

Dr. Li Chen is the Sr. Director of Biologics Discovery Department of GenScript ProBio. After obtaining his doctorate in immunology from the University of Massachusetts School of medicine, he joined GenScript in 2015 and has been responsible for antibody drug discovery platform for the past seven years. He has more than 200 project experience in antibody drug discovery and Engineering innovation optimization, as well as three patents related to biopharmaceutical discovery.

Topic 1 Background

VHH is a novel modality in antibody based therapy. Its naturally generated single-domain structure makes it an ideal building block in cell therapy. The Carvykti developed by Legend/J&J demonstrated that unique design of CAR domain based on proper affinity, avidity and epitope diversity of VHH candidates is a crucial factor for a successful therapy. Here we are presenting stories of CAR lead discovery through the VHH naïve phage library and camelid immunization phage library under different scenarios. In each of these studies, a panel of antibody candidates with desirable affinity & diversity were obtained for downstream CAR-T development.

Topic 1 Abstract

  • General consideration and workflow of CAR lead discovery
  • Detail introduction of antibody discovery platform for cell therapy
  • Case study of anti-CD7 and anti-ROR1 CAR lead discovery

Topic 2:Accelerating the development of cell therapies via manufacturing high-quality plasmids and high-titer viral vectors

    Dr. Ming Ni
  • Speaker: Dr. Ming Ni, Sr. Technical Lead, GenScript ProBio
  • Date: March 28th, 2024
  • Time:15:45-16:30 (GMT+8)

Speaker 2 Biography

Dr. Ni graduated from the University of Washington in the United States. In January 2020, he joined GenScript and assumed the responsibility for technical support of the plasmid DNA platform. He led the plasmid DNA project, enhancing upstream fermentation yields and optimizing downstream purification steps. Managing multiple CMC projects for both plasmids and viral vectors, he achieved 4 IND approvals, including FDA, NMPA, and CCMO. Additionally, two projects are advancing to the clinical Phase 1a stage.

Topic 2 Background

The current global market of cell and gene therapies (CGT) is valued over $ 15 billion. This is expected to grow at rate of nearly 20% every year from 2022 to 2032 and reaches over $80 billion within a decade. Both plasmids and viral vectors have emerged as the key players in the field of CGT. Plasmid DNA can serve as DNA drug itself or be used for generating viral vectors. Whereas, viral vectors can serve as vehicles to deliver therapeutic genes to treat monogenic disorders, cancers, and infectious diseases. As such, manufacturing high quality plasmids and viral vectors is a must to guarantee the success of CGT.

Topic 2 Abstract

  • How to enhance the quality of plasmids for CAR-T cell therapy manufacturing
  • How to maximize lentiviral vector titers for CAR-T cell therapy
  • Fast CMC and fast manufacturing with accelerating lentiviral vector development cycle

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