ADCC & CDC assays

Endpoint-Based, and Speedy

Dramatic improvement of ADCC by using recombinant NK cells

ADCC assay (SC1544) and CDC assay (SC1545) services

Antibody therapy has been proven to be highly powerful for cancer treatment. Two important mechanisms used by antibody drugs to kill targeted tumor cells are Antibody-Dependent Cell-Mediated Cytotoxicity (ADCC), and Complement Dependent Cytotoxicity (CDC). GenScript ProBio is pleased to present to you both a PBMC-based ADCC assay and natural kill cell-based ADCC assay. The readout is endpoint-driven (target cell lysis). The CDC assay uses normal human serum as the source of complement. By implementing strict QC standards, GenScript ProBio can provide the assurance of the efficacy and potency profiles of your therapeutic antibodies.

Key features of GenScript ProBio's ADCC & CDC assay services

  • Data readout is driven by the target cell lysis endpoint
  • High throughput assay service for bulk antibody drug screening
  • Large panel of target tumor cell lines free of charge to be used in ADCC assays
  • Ready-to-go ADCC assay format for at least 4 targets, HER2/ErbB2, CD20, EGFR, and TNFα
  • Ready-to-go CDC assay format for at least 2 targets, CD20 and TNFα