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  • Anti Idiotypic Antibody Service

    GenScript ProBio Anti-idiotype Antibody Service Scope

  • Service Highlights

    • 15-year experience and 750+ projects delivered

    • Targeting multiple biological drug modalities:mAb, bsAb, scFv/sdAb, CAR-T, ADC and viral vector

    • One-stop service from anti-ID Ab discovery to PK and ADA kit development and manufacturing, covering preclinical PK and ADA testing needs once for all.

    • Guarantee to deliver ready-to-use kits

    • Good compliance for experiments and record, suitable for clinical sample testing

By Dec 2022

Anti-Idiotypic Antibodies

Type 1. Antigen-blocking 2. Non-blocking 3. Complex-specific
Schematic diagram
Feature Paratope-specific Not Paratope-specific Partially paratope-specific
Antigen binding Inhibitory Not inhibitory Not inhibitory
Application Detect free drug only Detect total drug (free and bound) Detect bound drug typically
Selection Guideline
  • Type 1 or type 2 could be applied to detect antibody drug when having a cell-bound drug target e.g. PD1/PDL1
  • Type 1 & type 2 may both be needed when having a secret drug target e.g. TNF

Features of GenScript ProBio Anti-ID Antibodies Service

  • Application tailored anti-id mAb

    Fit for capture ELISA & sandwich ELISA

  • Fast delivery

    7 weeks to delivery purified Anti-id pAb with guaranteed quantity

  • High success rate

    100% for blocking anti-id Ab

Anti-ID Package Details

Typical Application Starting material Turnaround time (weeks) Deliverable

Positive control for ADA mensuration

  • ≥ 45 mg Target antibody drug (customer provide, purity > 85%)
  • ≥ 30 mg Isotype control-human IgG (GenScript ProBio provide, purity > 90%)
  • Human IgG1: 8-10
  • Human IgG2/IgG4: 10-12
  • Other Type#: >13
  • Small scale affinity purification after 2rd immunization for in-house detection (optional)
  • Affinity purified pAb (at least 5 mg)
  • COA report
  • Pilot sensitivity report (optional)
  • guarantee sensitivity>10ng/ml

QC standard: ELISA titer ≥ 1: 729,000; cross rate ≤ 2%;Stability: >5 years

#Other type: including but not limited to peptide, protein, ADC, SvFv & bispecific antibody.

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