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    Developed for CHOK1-GenS

    • Proven to optimize cell growth, productivity and product quality when used in CHOK1-GenS
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    High Productivity

    • Titer improvement in>90% projects
    • Average titer improvement 49%, max. 117%
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    Cost Efficiency

    • Competitive COGS
    • Additional incentives for the case where GMP manufacturing is in ProBio
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UproCHO™ Cell Culture Media and Feed 

Media system Media Product name Physical state Package size
intensified fed-batch media
Fed-batch basal
UproCHO™ M01 Powder 5L~100L
Fed-batch feed A UproCHO™ F01A Powder 1L~20L
Fed-batch feed B UproCHO™ F01B Powder 1L~10L
Perfusion media Perfusion basal
UproCHO™ M02 Powder Quote
Perfusion mix
UproCHO™ P01A
UproCHO™ P01B
Powder Quote