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mRNA-LNP Service Overview

mRNA small-scale test
Process development for DS/DP
Verification run
Pilot scale production
Engineering run
Analytical development for DS/DP
QC test and release
Stability study
IND documentation

Platform Advantages

  • One-stop solution: Plasmid + Linearized DNA + IVT-mRNA + mRNA-LNP
  • Shorten project cycle: from Plasmid to mRNA
  • IVT-mRNA:enzymatic capping and co-transcriptional capping(License in)
  • mRNA-LNP: microfluidic encapsulation, encapsulation efficiency up to 99.7%
  • mRNA QC:comprehensive & in-house, compliant with the requirement in US/EU/CN
  • >10 mRNA IND approvals (NMPA, FDA, PMDA, MFDS, Ministry of Health)
  • >50 global mRNA projects

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