Webinars » Single B Cell Screening: A Fully Automated and High-Speed Platform for Antibody Discovery

Single B Cell Screening: A Fully Automated and High-Speed Platform for Antibody Discovery

Antibody drug discovery can be as laborious as finding a needle in a haystack. Today there are increasing demands for discovering candidate molecules against more challenging targets, to characterize an array of functional and biophysical properties, and to commercialize new drugs at an accelerated rate. The development of microfluidics tools has led to the rapid adoption of single cell screening. Microfluidic tools have significantly advanced single cell screening because of their ability to precisely control cell movement, cell confinement, and enhance subsequent cell characterization. This technology is indispensable for accessing a large antibody repertoire of an immune experienced animal and the ability to interrogate each individual cell, compared with measuring the average of a cell pool.

In this webinar, we will cover the use of single cell technology in immunology and antibody screening, including its emergence, various approaches, benefits, and the current state of its industrial application. We will introduce you to GenScript's single B cell screening platform and present a case study demonstrating the screening principle, step-by-step workflow, and upstream and downstream procedures. Lastly, we will summarize the advantages of single B cell screening and discuss factors to consider for maximizing your antibody screening success. We will cover the selection of various technologies and compare different platforms, from hybridoma to single B cell screening to library display.

    manzhu phd
  • Speaker: Manzhu Kang, Ph.D, Senior Scientist , GenScript ProBio
  • Date: Mar. 13th, 2020
  • Time1: 11:00-11:40AM EST
  • Time2: 10:00-10:40AM CST

Speaker Profile.

Dr. Manzhu Kang received her Ph. D. from the University of California Los Angeles, with a dissertation focusing on the impact of combinatorial therapy on the evolution of drug resistance. Dr. Kang is a senior scientist of antibody research group at GenScript ProBio. She is in charge of the single B cell screening platform for antibody drug discovery.

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