Webinars » Anti-idiotype Antibody Generation and Application in Antibody Drug Discovery

Anti-idiotype antibody generation and application in antibody drug discovery

Anti-idiotype antibody is a very important reagent in preclinical and clinical PK and ADA assessment. Fingding the perfect timing of anti-idiotype is essencial for securing the drug development progress. In this webinar, the presenter will talk about the application of Anti-idiotype Ab, generation of Anti-idiotype Ab and assay methodology development strategy and technical challenges and solutions

    chen li phd
  • Speaker: Alex Chen, Group Leader of Project Manager, Discovery Department, GenScript ProBio
  • Date: Mar.14th, 2021
  • Time: 12:30-12:50PM UTC

Speaker Profile.

Alex Chen

MS degree of biotechnology from Northeastern University.

Previous working experiments at GSK and Biogen.

After joining GenScript, Alex is in charge of project evaluation and management of Antibody Drug Discovery and engineering services. He has more than 5 years’ experience in antibody discovery and successfully delivered more than hundreds of antibody related projects.

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Anti-idiotype Antibody and Immunoassay Development Services

GenScript ProBio provides an one-stop service from anti-idiotype Ab discovery to PK and ADA kit development and manufacturing, targeting multiple biological drug modalities: mAb, bi-specific antibody, scFv/sdAb, CAR-T, ADC and viral-vector. After studying the number of PK and ADA kits used in preclinical stage, GenScript ProBio has designed a specific package meeting the need of preclinical PK and ADA testing. Also, with the good compliance, our PK and ADA kits are suitable for clinical sample testing.

Anti-idiotype antibody generation and applications in antibody drug discovery
Anti-idiotypic Antibody Service DNA Immunization Service Therapeutic Hybridoma Development
  • High specificity & affinity
  • Fast turnaround time: 2-3 months.
  • 100% success rate
  • Solution to problematic antigens, such as membrane proteins
  • Proven track record with 100% success rate
  • Full spectrum of immunization approaches
  • One stop solution
  • High throughput screening