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Immune checkpoint-centered reporter gene assay

Human immune system is regulated by a complex network of inhibitory and stimulatory immune checkpoints that facilitate the elimination of pathogens, while maintaining tolerance to self-antigens. Immune checkpoint receptors perform critical roles in the maintenance of immune homeostasis, but they also have a significant role in cancer progression and autoimmune diseases. Drug discovery targeting immune checkpoint has become hotspot in the field. GenScript ProBio has successfully constructed and validated a series of reporter gene functional cell lines for various immune checkpoints. We have also developed dual target reporter gene cell lines, and established a fast and simple screening platforms for bispecific antibodies including BiTE (Bi-specific T-cell Engager).

Mechanism of Action

Immune Checkpoint Reporter Assays at GenScript Probio

Service Targets Timeline Info needed Deliverables
Immune checkpoint-centered reporter gene assay(SC1939)
  • PD-1
  • PD-L1
  • CTLA-4
  • LAG3
  • Tim-3
  • OX-40
  • CD-40
  • GITR
  • 4-1BB
  • CD47-Sirpa
  • PD-1/TIGIT
  • PD-1/LAG3
  • PD-1/4-1BB
  • PD-1/CTLA-4
  • ANG2
2 weeks No. of samples, quantity, conc., endotoxin level, purity, positive control, negative control, system control, Target ID
  • Final reports including raw data (8 doses) and analyzed data;
  • Data include: EC50, dose-response curves (DRC) for the samples and various controls.

Purple:inhibitory immune checkpoints; Orange:co-stimulatory immune checkpoints; Blue: myeloid cell immune checkpoints; Red: bi-specific targeting; Green: targets other than immune checkpoints

Key Features

  1. High signal window and reproducibility
  2. Short turnaround time
  3. Antibody drug positive controls for popular targets are freely available. Please download project evaluation form and a list of these positive controls
  4. Stringent documentation system that meets the requirement of IND-filing
  5. Extensive experience with more than a hundred projects

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