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sdAb Humanization Discovery Service Workflow

  • sdAb immunized Naïve Library Service

    Llama naive library
    Phage bio-panning for 2-3
    rounds and screening
    Antibody production and
  • SdAb Immunized Library Service

    Preparation of immunogen
    Llama/Camel immunization
    Phage display library construction
    Phage biopanning for 2-3 rounds and screening
    FASEBA HTS to identify best binders
    Antibody production and characterization

Service highlights

  • Outstanding track record:
    • 200+ sdAb lead generation projects
    • 100+ sdAb humanization projects, 100% success rate
    • 9+ global licensing deals
    • 1 FDA approved drug (CARVYKTI® (BCMA CAR-T), Legend/Janssen)
  • Fast timeline: 7 weeks to get humanized sdAb leads
  • 2 lead generation campaigns available
    • sdAb naïve library: 300 donors, 2×1011 library size
    • sdAb immunized library: using non-immunized Alpaca for each project
  • Specially designed mutation strategy for sdAb humanization to ensure normal expression of sdAb
  • PML based affinity maturation to improve the affinity at least by 10 folds
  • 14 functional assay categories, 40+ ready-to-use assays for different targets

By Jan.2024

SdAb Naïve Library Service

Milestone Items Deliverables
1 Phage display panning
  • Delivery: Up to 10 sequences
  • 0.5 mg/Ab purified antibodies (Optional)
2 ELISA or FACS Screening
3 sdAb expression & purification (Optional)
4 Additional sequence (Optional)
Total (no optional steps included): 2-3 weeks

SdAb Immunized Library Service

Milestone Items Deliverables
1 Llama/Alpaca immunization*
  • Delivery: All screened sequences
  • 0.5 mg/Ab purified antibodies (Optional)
2 sdAb phage display library construction(size of > 5 x 108)
3 Phage display panning
4 ELISA or FACS Screening
5 High throughput screening (Optional)
6 sdAb expression & purification (Optional)
Total (no optional steps included): 12-16 weeks

Please download service quotation form and fill it before sending to us.