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  • Excellent bsAb track record

    Excellent bsAb track record

    • Over 20 bsAb discovery projects
    • Most advanced project is in clinical phase I
    • Partner with 5 companies on SMAB co-development
    • By Dec 2022

  • Customized bsAb format

    Customized bsAb format

    • Compatible with almost any mAb and bsAb sequence
    • Provide insight and suggestion based on the target, MOA and existing antibody candidates
    • NO license fee
  • One-stop bsAb discovery solution

    One-stop bsAb discovery solution

    • From target to PCC
    • Comprehensive antibody discovery platform
    • 4 types of bsAb bioassay platforms based on MOA

Major Bispecific Antibodies Formats

Knob into hole(KIH)

Knob into hole(KIH)

Mutate one Thr in the CH3 region of one H chain to Tyr, forming a prominent "Knobs" structure, while one larger Tyr residue in the CH3 region of the other H chain is mutated to a smaller Thr, forming a concave "holes" structure. The steric hindrance effect of this structure can achieve correct assembly between two different H chains.



Based on the "Knob into hole (KIH)" structure, the CH1 and CL of the Fab region are switched to reduce L chain mismatch.

IgG fused with scFv

IgG fused with scFv

Bispecificity is achieved by fusing two single-chain antibodies (scfv) to a normal IgG antibody. Pairs of scfv can be attached to the C-terminus or N-terminus of each L or H chain, and the specificity of each scfv can be the same or different.



The VL and VH domains of one Ab are attached to the N-terminus of each Fab arm of one normal IgG Ab respectively, resulting in a tetravalent molecule with two binding sites for each antigen. DVD-Ig can achieve bispecificity through two variable regions binding dual targets. This technique avoids mismatching of different H/L chains.

GenScript ProBio SMABodyTM(Single-domain antibody fused to mAb) platform combines naturally generated single domain antibody and monoclonal antibody(mAb) to form a bispecific antibody in symmetric format with good biological efficacy and good developability,it only needs 3-5 month for SMABody™ screening & evaluation.

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bsAb Discovery Service Workflow

  • Design&
    • Affinity
    • Format
    • Epitope
    • Valency
    • Linker
    • Titer
    4 weeks
  • Functional
    • Binding
    • Blocking
    • In vitro assay
    12 weeks
  • In vivo assay
    • in vivo efficacy
    • PK profile
    • Temperature stability
    • pH stability
    • Freeze-thaw
    16-20 weeks

Bispecific Antibody Bioassay Service

  • GenScript ProBio provides 4 types of in vitro evaluation methods based on different MOA of bsAb
  • 4 types of bsAb bioassay platforms: cell-engager, dual target blockade, dual immunomodulators and cell surface protein bridging.
  • 200+ tumor cell lines, 200+ overexpressing cell lines, 10+ reporter gene cell lines available for bsAb validation
  • Delivered 40+ bsAb bioassay projects
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