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Innovative SMABody Bispecific Antibody Discovery Services

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SMABody Bispecific Antibody Discovery Services

Bispecific antibodies have become increasingly of interest for therapeutic applications. While natural antibodies are monospecific, bispecific antibodies recognize two different epitopes either on the same or on different antigens. The 'zoo' of bispecific antibodies is populated by many different species, comprising around 100 different formats, including various engineering of antibody fragments in symmetric or asymmetric manner.

Benefits of Bispecific Antibody

  • Novel

    Superior Potency through
    Novel MOA

  • Improved

    Low off-target binding reduces
    side effects

  • Controlling

    Develop only 1 molecule and save 1/2 of investment in comparison with combination therapy

Concerns in Developing Bispecific Antibody

  • Unnatural format
Manufacture problems
  • Product instability
  • Low expression level
  • Complex purification process

GenScript ProBio's SMABody Bispecific Antibody

GenScript ProBio SMABody(Single-domain antibody fused to monoclonal Ab) platform naturally combine the single domain antibody and the monoclonal antibody to make a bispecific antibody in symmetric format with good biological efficacy and good developability.

Thanks for the design concept of "being natural", SMABody platform has several advantages:

  • Biosuperiority over monotherapy or combination treatment with novel MOA and better safety profile.
  • Good developability: high yield and high concentration in formulation with desirable stability.
  • Same manufacture process as conventional antibody.

What's more, the sdAb adds some unique advantages to SMABody:

  • Ability to bind to "hidden" epitopes, such as enzyme, ion channels, etc.
  • Flexibility for construction of multi-valent molecules by "plug and play" fashion.

SMABody Collaboration Opportunities

SMABody Bispecific Antibody Platform is available for R&D service and co-development model.

Talk to our customer service representatives for collaboration opportunities.

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