Antibody Sequencing Service

Fast turnaround: as soon as 10 business days

Affordable prices: starting at $840

Antibody Sequencing Services

The antibody sequence information is essential for monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) engineering, function optimization, database banking, and patent application. Our ISO9001 certified antibody sequencing service is your reliable choice to speed up and facilitate therapeutic antibody leads discovery and development. Tailored to meet your particular requirements, option with customized specifications is offered for antibody sequencing services at GenScript ProBio.

  • Superb accuracy: 100% money back guarantee on sequence accuracy
  • Competitive pricing for high quality: Starting at $840 for all species
  • Short turn-around time: 6 days for full length antibody sequencing- Our record!
  • Rich experience with over 6,000 cases on sequencing human, mouse, rat, and rabbit mAbs
  • Double assurance: Antigen-rAb binding assay to validate sequence accuracy in $799

Antibody Sequencing: Top 3 Mistakes to Avoid

Our expertise helps you avoid common pitfalls when sequencing antibodies: 1) impurity of hybridoma cells, 2) mutations introduced by PCR, and 3) inaccurate or misaligned full sequences. Learn more from our success to overcome these problems »

  1. Impurity of hybridoma cells: (hybridomas may contain pseudogenes and mRNAs encoding non-functional antibodies, which may be amplified by primer pairs intended to clone the target antibody)
    • GenScript ProBio will sequence 5 independent clones for each chain, to ensure accuracy.
    • GenScript ProBio can also express the whole IgGs in a mammalian expression system and further confirm the antigen-antibody binding performance to double-ensure accuracy.
  2. Mutations introduced by PCR: During the amplification of the cDNA, the use of degenerate primer sets means there is the chance of mutagenesis.
    • GenScript ProBio always uses both 5'- and 3'- RACE (rapid amplification of cDNA ends) to ensure accuracy of amplified products.
    • GenScript ProBio always performs full length sequencing of the variable region, which ensures the accuracy of the sequence span, from leader sequence to the start of FR1 region.
  3. Inaccurate or misaligned full sequence (once the individual sequences are obtained for each chain, they must be aligned properly to ensure the full sequence is accurate)
    • GenScript ProBio has sequenced over 6,000 mAbs, our expertise ensures the sequence you receive is 100% accurate.

Antibody Sequencing Services

Service Price Turnaround Time DeliverablesUpgraded!
Hybridoma to sequence Leader sequence & variable domain sequencing $960* 10 business days
  • Final sequence report with CDR annotated
  • Sequence data#Free
  • Alignments of the heavy and light chains#Free
  • Sequencing plasmids containing antibody coding sequence#
  • Expression construct containing antibody coding sequence of light/heavy chain#New
Full length antibody sequencing $1,600* 10 business days
Sequence to recombinant antibody 1 mg recombinant Ab expression & one-step purification $799@ 18 business days
  • Purified ab
  • QC report&
  • Expression level report
Antigen-rAb binding test by indirect ELISA Free 5 business days ELISA Binding report

*Discount for batch order
#Upon your request
@Applicable to human IgG1, human IgG4 and mouse IgG2.
&QC data includes A280 for Antibody concentration, SDS-PAGE for purity assessment. Western Blot QC could be provided if requested with extra fee charged.

Why do you need Antibody Sequencing?

  • Security

    Avoid problems like gene loss & gene mutations, etc.

  • Engineering

    Accelerate Engineering work

  • IP Protection

    Patent the sequences of your
    unique variable domains

Why do you need Recombinant Antibody Expression?

  • Reproducibility

    Batch-to-Batch consistency

  • Scalability

    Cut in half the timeline for resupply of ab

  • Animal-Free

    Avoid introduction of animal-soured materials to generate immune response

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